The DJA 2016 Shortlist Reveal: 63 Finalists out of 471 Entries

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On May 10th, 2016, at the Data Journalism Unconference in New York, the Global Editors Network released a shortlist of 63 finalists for the Data Journalism Awards, the international competition recognizing outstanding work in the field of data journalism.

Now in its fifth year, the DJA competition is supported by the Google News Lab and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The pre-jury of the Data Journalism Awards 2016 went through the 471 submissions and has handed over this year’s shortlist of nominated projects. In the next phase the international jury of the Data Journalism Awards will have to decide on this year's winners.

The winners will be announced at the DJA Ceremony and Gala Dinner, gathering 400 guests during the GEN Summit 2016, in Vienna, Austria on 16 June 2016.

The Data Journalism Awards 2016 Shortlist recognizes 63 outstanding projects and brings light on the most innovative data-driven storytelling published by news organizations worldwide. It is a great indicator of trends and innovative techniques in data journalism in the past year as the list of projects below shows.

This announcement was made at the end of the Data Journalism Unconference on May 10th, 2016, an event which gathered data journalism experts from the five continents to tackle cross-border data journalism challenges, with the ultimate goal to initiate fruitful international collaborations between newsrooms from around the world.

Find the full list of shortlisted projects to the DJA 2016 lower down this page

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Data Journalism Awards 2016 Shortlist by Category

 1. Data Visualisation of the Year (Large Newsroom)

- Clear signs of mobile surveillance in Oslo, despite denial from Police Security Service (Aftenposten, Norway)  [link]  
- Meet Thomas Drake (AJ+, United States) [link]    
- How Red Meat Joined the 478 Other Things That Might Give You Cancer (Bloomberg Graphics, United States) [link] 
- Spies In The Skies (BuzzFeed News, United States) [link]
- 144 Stories - Remembering lives lost in the Peshawar school attack (Dawn Media Group, Pakistan) [link]
- Fideicomisos (El Universal, Mexico) [link]
- Watch how a presidential motorcade can double a neighborhood’s traffic in an instant (Quartz, United States) [link]
- Build a New St. Louis (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States) [link]    
- Is the Nasdaq in Another Bubble? (The Wall Street Journal, United States) [link]

2. Data Visualisation of the Year (Small Newsroom)

- 800,000 (93 metros for El Español, Spain) [link] 
- Histography (Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel) [link]    
- Shipmap.org (Kiln for UCL, United Kingdom) [link]    
- Film Dialogue for 2,000 Screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age (Polygraph, United States) [link]    

3. Investigation of the Year (Large Newsroom)

- The Panama Papers: Politicians, Criminals and the Rogue Industry That Hides Their Cash (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) - Süddeutsche Zeitung - The Guardian - Le Monde and more than 100 other media partners, globally) [link]
- The Tennis Racket (BuzzFeed News, United States) [link]        
- A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World (FiveThirtyEight, United States) [link]   
- What Does Gun Violence Really Cost? (Mother Jones, United States) [link]
- Failure Factories (Tampa Bay Times, United States) [link]
- Homan Square (The Guardian US, United States) [link]   

4. Investigation of the Year (Small Newsroom)

- Femicide map in Turkey (Ceyda Ulukaya, Turkey) [link]  
- Medicamentalia.org - A journalistic investigation into access to medicines around the world (Civio Foundation, Spain) [link]
- The Heritage of Evo's Cabinet (El Deber newspaper, Bolivia) [link]
- Candidates and Millions (Ojo-Publico.com, Peru) [link]   
- The private firms tracking terror targets at the heart of US drone wars (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, United Kingdom) [link]

5. News Data App of the Year (Large Newsroom)

- How equal are you? (BBC News Visual Journalism, United Kingdom) [link]
- Berlin’s new skyline (Berliner Morgenpost, Germany) [link]
- What Would It Take To Swing the Election? (FiveThirtyEight, United States) [link]      
- Gun deaths in your district: what have your elected representatives done? (Guardian US, United States) [link]
- The Color of Debt: The Black Neighborhoods Where Collection Suits Hit Hardest (ProPublica, United States) [link]    
- How Fed Rates Move Markets (The Wall Street Journal, United States) [link]
- The Norwegian Victims of World War II (VG, Norway) [link] 

6. News Data App of the Year (Small Newsroom)

- Excesses Unpunished (Convoca, Peru) [link]   
- How expensive is your neighbourhood? (Mediafin, Belgium) [link]  
- Candidates and Millions (Ojo-Publico.com, Peru) [link]  
- What if the Syrian civil war happened in your country? (Public Radio International, United States) [link]
- Guess the salary (Texty.org.ua, Ukraine) [link]

7. Data Journalism Website of the Year

Caixin, China [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]            
Dag Medya, Turkey [link]    
El Español, Spain [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]             
FiveThirtyEight, United States [link]    
Infotimes, Egypt [link]    
La Nación, Argentina [link]
Quartz, United States [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]            
The Guardian, United Kingdom [link]    
Zeit Online, Germany [link 1] [link 2] [link 3]            

8. Best Individual Portfolio

- Alberto Lucas López (South China Morning Post, China) [link]   
- Chris Zubak-Skees (The Center for Public Integrity, United States) [link]   
- Helena Bengtsson (The Guardian, United Kingdom) [link]
- John Burn-Murdoch (Financial Times, United Kingdom) [link]
- Maarten Lambrechts (Mediafin, Belgium) [link]
- Sisi Wei (ProPublica, United States) [link]

9. Open Data

- #breathe (IndiaSpend, India) [link]   
- La Nación Data - Open data journalism for change (La Nación, Argentina) [link]    
- Crowdsourcing 1000 electoral promises (Le Monde, France) [link]    
- Global WOW – Who Owns What (Modern Investor, United Kingdom) [link]  
- Budget ins and outs (Mwazna, Egypt) [link]
- Pollution continues to batter city’s lungs, ears (The Express Tribune, Pakistan) [link]
- 1939 Register (Trinity Mirror Data Unit, United Kingdom) [link] 

10. Best Use of Data in a Breaking News Story (within first 36 hours)

- Derailed Amtrak train sped into deadly crash curve (Al Jazeera America, United States) [link]  
- Measuring Justice Scalia's Tenure (FiveThirtyEight, United States) [link]    
- Maps of protests in Brazil (G1, Brazil) [link]    
- The Events That Pushed Greece to the Economic Brink (The Wall Street Journal, United States) [link]    
- Quick Interactives (Trinity Mirror Data Unit, United Kingdom) [link]    

The General Excellence Award (Jury’s Choice) and the Public Choice Award will be awarded at the DJA Ceremony on June 16, 2016, during the sixth annual GEN Summit in Vienna, Austria.

Welcome to The DJA 2016

The Data Journalism Awards are the first international awards recognising outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.

This year's competition is no longer open.

Launched in 2012, it is organised by the Global Editors Network, with support from the Google News Lab and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Previous winning organisations include The New York Times, The Guardian, ProPublica and La Nación.

The prizes for the DJA 2016 are worth 1,000€ each and will be awarded at a special ceremony at the Vienna City Hall during the sixth annual GEN Summit on 16 June 2016.

Simon Rogers, Data Editor at Google, will be the DJA Director for this year's competition which will take place under the presidency of Paul Steiger, Executive Chairman of ProPublica's board of directors. Hear from both of them on what to expect from this year's competition in this interview.

DJA 2016 Key Dates

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What’s new this season?

Blau -Cukier -DJA2016

Wolfgang Blau (Condé Nast) and Kenneth Cukier (The Economist) join DJA Jury in 2016.

The Data Journalism Awards are welcoming two new members of the jury for 2016: Wolfgang Blau from Condé Nast International as well as Kenneth Cukier from The Economist.

You can find a list of all jury members here.

This year, you also get to choose which category you’d like to be in. See below the full list to choose from.


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