Dublin Editors Lab

Prototyping the future of news

25 November 2016 - 26 November 2016

On 25-26 November, GEN and  FuJo (the Institute for Future Media & Journalism at Dublin City University), with the support of the Google News Lab, will gather some of the best Irish and British media innovators in Dublin for an Editors Lab focused on developing new sports journalism prototypes.

Participating Media

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Essential Information

Theme: Innovative Sports Journalism

Sports news audiences are passionate, but how can journalists turn that passion into dynamic and innovative sports coverage? How can journalists respond to the trends and opportunities in sports media technology? Can newsrooms leverage the abundance of sports data to develop new storytelling forms? Which types of visual and immersive storytelling could be developed for sports coverage? Can live coverage be richer, faster and more engaging? Could sports journalism become a testing ground to drive innovation in other types of news coverage?

Would you like to send a team from your media organisation to compete?

Please contact Eileen Culloty: eileen.culloty[at]dcu.ie

Questions about Editors Lab? 

Please contact Sarah Toporoff: stoporoff[at]globaleditorsnetwork.org

The Speakers


Matt Cooke



Paddy Logue

The Irish Times

The Jury

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JJ Worrall



Paddy Logue

The Irish Times

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Sarah Toporoff

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Three examples of Editors Lab prototypes

Cover photo credit: Roberto Taddeo via Flickr.