Editors Lab Reuters Hackdays

Sponsored by Cxense

30 May 2014 - 31 May 2014

Editors Lab partners with Cxense at Reuters

The Editors Lab returned to New York on the 30-31 May 2014 at the Reuters Headquarters sponsored by Cxense to hold their last Hackdays before their annual GEN Summit 2014 where the Editors Lab Hackdays Final took place. After having the New York Daily News Team win their trip to Barcelona last round in New York, when they created 'News Q', a tool that lets readers chat with the Daily News website to search archives and databases, this time, participants will be innovating around the theme: 'Improving Loyalty'.  Participants created tools that met needs such as: How to boost the 'stickiness' of your website? How to build a community of frequent users and encourage them to stay longer on the website? How to optimize loyalty using Big Data analytics and real-time tools? Cxense opened access to their analytics and content tools to help participants meet their objectives.

Read about the Hackdays:

Top News Organizations Go Head-to-Head Using Innovative Big Data Tools

Hackday Insights: How to make your website stickier and more engaging?

Sticky data tools win hackdays for BBC

Cxense Tools

Cxense offers solutions to help publishers know their audience better in order to deliver them the right content at the right time. It is why Cxense and the GEN have logically partnered together around the Editors Lab Reuters Hackdays. Cxense granted acess to their Cxense analytics Tool and Cxense content tool:

Cxense Analytics: Cxense combines real-time web stats, historical data and other data sources in to a single web analytics package. This big data approach is the key to unlocking extraordinary insights. All you do is add a simple and small code snippet to your webpages. Our Extraordinary Insight Engine takes care of creating anonymized profiles, that enable specific user sessions with automatically optimized content and ads.

Cxense Content: Your personalized content strategy will be matched with the interests and objectives of your audience groups. We are able to do this via our Extraordinary Insight Engine (EIE), which collects and analyzes context, user data, behaviour, trends, external data, demographical data, historical data and many other data sources.

The Winners & Prototypes after 2 days

The Winner is BBC TakeAway, a tool to cater your news to your habits

They have two 'flavors', based on different users:
First one is the regular user: people commuting a lot without a good connection. They know their consumption habits. The interface is on everypage. The user could download the content when he has a connection. You have travel alerts and whether forecast.
The other one is the casual user, looking for more 'fluffy content', wanted to be entertained. The app displays recommendations based on that.
You can check it out at 

Other Projects

The Audience choice was McClatchy, with their tool giving returning readers a better user experience with less ads. To see a presentation of McClatchy's project, please click here


A mention was given to Reuters for their project : Goalkeeper.


Another mention was given to Montclair State project for their project : Read for Life


Deseret media's project got implemented on the website on the last day of the event 


Thanks to our host Reuters and our sponsor Cxense, for making it possible!

Video: Project Presentations

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The Jury


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