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GEN Summit 2016 Custom-made Package

If neither the Expo or the Masterclasses fit your strategy or suit your desire approach, then we offer a number of smaller opportunities complemented with conference ticket(s). 

- Social Event(s): You can sponsor one of the 3 social events that take place every night of the GEN Summit 2016. 

- Branded furniture: You can have branded furniture located in strategic areas of the venue of the GEN Summit 2016, granting you impactful visibility.

- Insertion in participant's bags: This can either be a flyer or a small marketing object (e.g.: USB key)

- Email shots to our participants: This is not advertisement or direct sales. If you have a free-demo or free-content you would like to make available to our participants, this is a good option for you.

- A4 ad page in the programme

If you may have another specific format in mind, we are always keen on hearing about and eventually accomodating your needs.