About Us

The Global Editors Network

The Global Editors Network (GEN) was the worldwide association of editors-in-chief founded in 2011. “Prototyping the Future of News” was our motto with the mission of fostering digital innovation and new storytelling methods within newsrooms and beyond, to all content providers. GEN was committed to quality journalism, ethical standards and a sustainable news ecosystem in the platform era. GEN sought to empower news executives through its dedicated programmes: The Editors Lab, the Data Journalism Awards and the Media Literacy Toolkit project. The annual GEN Summit gathered some of the industry's leading figures from across the globe for peer-learning and solutions-oriented collaboration. It was attended by 650+ participants from 60 countries, making it the world's leading editorial conference. The GEN community included over 15,000 editors, journalists and media innovators from around the world. More on Twitter @GENinnovate. 

Read GEN's press release about the closure here.

Former GEN Board Members & Advisors

The GEN Board was made up of thirteen leading media professionals, and one advisor. They represented a global community from all platforms and meet regularly to discuss how to help shape the future of journalism.  

GEN Programmes


Data Journalism Awards

The Data Journalism Awards was an annual series of prizes in different categories for outstanding projects in data journalism. Paul Steiger was president of the jury, and Simon Rogers was the programme director. This event was supported by Google and the Knight Foundation. 



The Media Literacy Toolkit gathered the knowledge of dozens of key players in the media literacy debate with the goal of creating a set of digital tools and best practices to facilitate understanding between journalists and citizens.



Editors Lab Hackdays

The Editors Lab hackdays were held throughout the year in renowned newsrooms. Journalists, developers and designers worked together and teams compete against each other to build prototypes of new media tools.




Study Tours

Study Tours leveraged our experiences and those of leaders in the field to help others to navigate this disrupted digital space. Our network gaves us access to the leading experts of the industry providing our attendees with unique insight at the heart of newsrooms. Study Tours were organised every year on a specific theme.


Startups for News

Startup for News was a competition rewarding the best emerging startups that provide services to newsrooms. It used to be the only one of its kind focusing on content and media technology. The competition consisted of a series of battles where each startup tries to convince our audience how innovative they are. 

GEN Summit

The GEN Summit was our annual conference bringing together the leading minds of the media industry to discuss the future of news. Since our inception in 2011, we had the pleasure of listening to the opinions of Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Shafqat Islam (Newscred), Roy Sekoff (Huffington Post), Cory Haik (The Washington Post), Andy Carvin (First Look Media) and many more...

The last GEN Summit was held in Athens 13-15 June, focusing on 'The VVV Challenge: Voice, Visual Journalism, and Verification'.