GEN's Code of Ethics

As applied in all publications by the Global Editors Network

GEN publications are an official activity of GEN. As such, they are under the control of the GEN CEO and board.
However, GEN publications, and social network postings on GEN publication accounts, are governed by the following ethical principles:

GEN publications should be honest, accurate, truthful and fair. Reporting and opinion should be kept separate. Reporting shall be conducted independently, without interference or approval by sponsors or others with a business interest in the subject being reported on.

Coverage of people or companies in GEN publications should be written as news, not promotion. They should cover the challenges people and companies face as well as their successes. For instance, they may include mention of their competitors, disruptions they face to their business environment or other factors that complicate their businesses.

Financial or promotional connections between GEN and people or companies covered in GEN publications should be clearly disclosed. Stories shall not be written or edited by people with a substantial connection to people or companies mentioned in the story.

Whenever possible, sources should be quoted on the record. When they must be quoted anonymously, the reason for anonymity should be clearly explained.

GEN publications should display an address where comments and corrections may be sent. When errors of commission or omission occur in GEN publications, they should be corrected quickly and transparently. In particular, GEN publications should offer the right of reply to any person or company portrayed in a negative light.

Photos and video shall not be manipulated in any way, except for minor technical adjustments.

GEN publications should respect copyrights, and not engage in plagiarism.

GEN publications posted online shall not be taken down without the approval of the GEN CEO. Publications may be taken down only for legal or accuracy reasons, not for commercial reasons.

Social network postings by GEN publications staff shall reflect the principles above.

Freelancers engaged to work for GEN publications shall act in accordance with the principles above.

Disputes on adherence to this code should be referred to the CEO of GEN, and may be appealed to the GEN board.

All GEN publications should carry links to this ethics code. All GEN employees are bound to respect it.

Thanks to Tom Kent, who's been a friend of GEN for many years, for helping us define those guidelines.