The Global Editors Network Manifesto


GEN Manifesto

We, the Editors-in-Chief and senior news executives founding the Global Editors Network (GEN), are convinced that news producers and newsrooms across all platforms –  print, broadcast, online, mobile and wire services – face comparable challenges.

Because digitalisation and broadband access accelerate media convergence, we are members of the same community, all driven by a journalistic imperative and a common goal: content and engagement first



GEN Manifesto 1 As we are entering a new era for content across multiple platforms, we will:

- break the barriers between Editors of old and new media, print and digital, general interest and specialized publications, free and paid business models, profit and non-profit organizations, international and local media outlets;

- understand the new news ecosystem based on immediacy, information overloadand disintermediation: media are no longer middlemen and users blur the lines between production and consumption in a new world of prosumption; 

- define a vision for the future of journalism, cross-media strategies, attention and audience analysis, newsroom management, dynamics of the news business and ethical values. Lack of vision is the worst that can happen to our community; 

- welcome new players within the newsroom’s collective intelligence: engineers, developers, visual designers, apps-makers, community managers, curators, aggregators, researchers and other practitioners of the link economy who enrich our vision;

 - enhance the quality of journalism in its different dimensions: newsgathering, news curation, storytelling, fact and data checking, designing, moderating and sharing, regardless of the platform, browser or application used;

- continue experimentation and innovation. We consider that mobility, users’ engagement, personalisation, location-based news, data-driven journalism and rich media are key to the future of journalism;

- encourage mutualisation and cooperation between media. Among us, we are not competitors, but… potential partners. Resulting in the emergence of a new culture among senior news executives and new cross-offerings for consumers;

- convince media owners that cuts in editorial expenses are no longer a productive answer for media outlets because – even for digital natives – content and engagement will make the difference, not only the technology;

- stop acting like victims of disruptive technologies or lack of citizenship. We are optimistic about the new digital tools and the new channels of distribution offered to us as news producers;

- reinforce the pillars of credibility of our profession based on context, accuracy, relevance, reliability, loyalty to the audience, effectiveness and connectedness, as citizens’ distrust is the main threat for our civil societies.


We know that we are accountable to the public and that sustainable journalism is at risk. For those reasons, we aim to represent the community of editors internationally and we will:


- create a global network of current national organizations of editors  and assist our colleagues in establishing a local organization or guild of editors;

- become the 'voice of editors' and start a dialogue – on an equal basis – with publishers and journalists, suppliers and search organizations, governments and NGOs, bloggers and citizens for maintaining the highest professional standards;

- back independent media, especially when pressured by elected or non-elected powers. In case of media concentration, we will ask for guidelines defending transparency, ethical rules, editorial autonomy and self-regulation processes;

- defend vibrant journalism, hunger for news and media literacy, a necessity to build stronger democracies. Investigation, protection of sources and respect of privacy must remain high-priority issues for the 21st century Fourth Estate.

In conclusion, our conviction is that – alongside the digital revolution – the editorial quality and sustainable journalism will be saved by journalists and news producers themselves. This is why The Global Editors Network (GEN) has been created.

The Global Editors Network and the freedom of media: Activities of the Global Editors Network (GEN) are based on freedom of expression regardless of frontiers, as stated in article XIX of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (10 December 1948). Free access to information and independence of the news media are and will remain the main credo of the Global Editors Network and we will back all efforts to enhance press freedom worldwide. The association will encourage multilateral cooperation and will collaborate with current press freedom bodies and media development practitioners.


Official launch date of the Global Editors network: 23rd of March 2011.

About GEN –  enquiries:

- President: Peter Bale, WikiTribune, UK


-CEO: Bertrand Pecquerie, Global Editors Network, FR


Tel : +33 1 48 04 06 97

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