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COP21 Blogposts

COP21 Blogposts

In the run-up to the COP21 UN Climate Change Summit in Paris, Global Editors Network is publishing a series of COP21 blogposts written by Christiana Figueres - the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). She has worked extensively with governments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector on climate change and sustainability issues, including as a board member of the Clean Development Mechanism, Vice-President of the Climate Change Conference, as well as many non-governmental organisations.

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Christiana Figueres’ blogposts will focus on finance, technology, fossil fuels, climate ethics and the agreements reached at COP21.

The first blogpost entitled 'Turning Points in Finance' is published here.

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COP21-CPN Briefings

The COP21-CPN Briefings are a series of online briefings for editors and journalists co-organised by the Climate Publishers Network (CPN: see below) and the COP21 General Secretariat with the support of Google. You can also send questions here.

The second COP21-CPN briefing took place on Friday 30 October at 14:30 GMT (10:30am in NYC, 14:30 in London, 15:30 in Berlin and 22:30 in Hong Kong). The guest speakers were Valérie Masson-Delmotte, the newly elected Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC)'s physical science working group, and Hervé Le Treut, climatologist, Director of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, member of the Academy of Sciences and review editor for the IPCC. They were interviewed by Marina Bertsch, environment journalist at France24. See the press release here.

Rewatch the 2nd briefing here:


Watch the replay of the first briefing with Laurence Tubiana: French Ambassador for Climate Change and Special Representative for COP21.



Climate Publishers Network

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Summit #COP21 in Paris, 35 media organisations from around the world have created a new publishers network to collaborate on their coverage of climate change. The initiative is coordinated by the Global Editors Network.

The Climate Publishers Network (CPN) will provide a mutual syndication of articles related to climate change free of charge during the run-up to COP 21. Each media organisation will be able to re-publish material without having to worry about license fees. The aim of the collaboration is to widen each publisher’s spectrum of coverage between now and the UN Climate Change Summit in December. Climate change is a topic many news organisations around the world would like to cover more often, but for which they don't necessarily have the resources.

The 35 CPN founding partners, brought together by The Guardian, El País and the Global Editors Network, will run this initiative for a six-month period, ending on 11 December - the final day of the UN Climate Change Summit. The founding partners (logos below) represent a variety of political leanings - from China Daily in China to Politiken in Denmark, from Al Ahram in Egypt to Clarín in Argentina - and are based all over the world: Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Alan Rusbridger, Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian, Antonio Cano, Editor- in-Chief at El País and Ricardo Kirschbaum, President of the Global Editors Network, are inviting more publishers to join the syndicate: “We very much hope that publications across the political spectrum will join us either in using some of our material or, ideally, offering their own material as well.”

Editorial material, as well simple terms and conditions for each publisher, are available from the Climate Publishers Network. A new section will be added for every media partner joining the project.