The 19 Million Project is a program born from a collaborative effort between Chicas Poderosas and La Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti (CILD). It is sponsored by the multi-platform media networks, Univision and Fusion. Since the project’s recent inception, several organizations have joined forces to partner with The 19 Million Project: the Global Editors Network, Google, and the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. The project takes its name from the estimated 19.5 million refugees who in recent years have been forcibly displaced worldwide as they’ve fled persecution, war and conflict, risking their lives to provide a better life for their families. “Global forced displacement has seen accelerated growth in 2014, once again reaching unprecedented levels. The year saw the highest displacement on record.” UNHCR Forced Global Trends Displacement in 2014. The fate of the ever-increasing “19 million” is the responsibility of a global community. We must act to do our part now.