Connected China by Reuters

Employing novel design and HTML 5 technologies, Connected China explains the social and professional networks of China’s leaders, highlighting the interpersonal relationships that drive business, move markets and shape the political landscape in the world’s most populous nation.

The site also provides a rich interactive platform to showcase the best of Reuters’ coverage on Chinese politics, providing deep insight into China’s new generation of leaders with immersive, seamless integration of data, text, photos and video.

The project represents a new approach for Reuters News – a model to take the reporting we do every day about people, institutions, power and relationships and put it in a format that gives it sustained significance over time.

Connected China is the culmination of 18 months of research, reporting, design and development, culminating in an app that draws on a database containing:

- Tens of thousands of entities – people, organizations, events
- More than 30,000 relationships
- 1.5 million words (equivalent to more than 20 non-fiction books!)

Link to the project