Cxense is breathing new life into the publishing industry by helping publishers succeed in a digital world. By using audience data and advanced analytics to create hyper-relevant content recommendations, targeted advertising and predictive search Cxense help increase digital revenue for publishers, and provide users with a better experience. A perfect partner to join GEN’s mission to drive innovation in the newsroom and facilitate a needed culture shift in this ever changing digital world. Cxense have joined with GEN around the growing and successful GEN Editors Lab Hackdays and was an official partner for our Hackdays in New York in May 2014.

Cxense help media organisations to capitalize on Big Data to match preferences and create unprecedented personalization online, allowing publishers to gain more engaged and loyal readers, higher advertising revenue and increased digital subscribership.

Cxense is a global company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Miami, San Francisco, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Tokyo and Zurich. Current customers include The Economist, Yomiuri (the World’s largest newspaper by circulation), Polaris Media, Naspers, Tamedia, Archant, Grupo RBS, Schibsted Media Group, Eniro, MTG and Alma Media.