Chartbeat measures and monetizes attention on the web. Most well known for the real-time analytics that help 80% of the top publishers in the US and media sites in over 35 countries around the world develop a defined loyal audience and monetize their time and attention. A perfect partner for the Global Editors Network as we drive innovation within newsrooms and force a cultural shift to help media organisations embrace the opportunities of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Chartbeat works across editorial, video, and social teams to align them around the right audience development goals and give them the data they need to adapt when it matters and to advertising teams to quantify their audience's active time and attention rather than just their clicks. Chartbeat proves the monetizable value of quality content over clickbait. Chartbeat were the official sponsors of the GEN Editors Lab Hackathon Final in 2013 where they opened up their API and gave the teams of finalists invaluable guidance and knowledge helping them produce innovative projects. Chartbeat also delivered a very strong masterclass at the GEN Summit 2014.