RT reports news with an edge and delivers stories you won’t find anywhere else.  Our global news network comprises HDTV-to-digital & online newsrooms broadcasting in English, Arabic and Spanish, with an English-language documentary channel airing internationally and a rapidly growing online Russian-language service. RT also includes US studios in Washington, DC, and UK studios set to open shortly in London, with both outposts focused on airing exclusive programming tailored for their local audience.

Online, RT has embraced social media at unprecedented levels, customizing its content offering to diverse platforms and as a result becoming the first TV news channel to break 1 billion views on YouTube. In 2013 RT launched Ruptly, a Berlin-based, breakthrough video news agency of next-generation producers and video journalists, serving traditional broadcasters and innovative online media partners alike. Relying on groundbreaking technologies and guided by the demands of the rapidly-evolving and democratizing marketplace, RT and RUPTLY are natural GEN partners.