Scoopshot Expo

Scoopshot changes the way media companies and brands work with photos.

Scoopshot photo crowdsourcing application enables smartphone owners to become freelance photographers for media companies and brands.  Users can take news or marketing photos and send them to the service through the Scoopshot mobile application, and sell them at a set price.  Journalists and marketeers can purchase the authentic photos.

Alternatively, media can send location-based tasks to the mobile and professional users via  This way anyone can incentivize and activate the scoopshooters locally, regionally and globally to get authentic content from a desired scene or event.

Scoopshot is located in Helsinki, Finland and is part of the P2S Media Group Inc.  For more details, please visit

Scoopshot is proud to present its service at the GEN Summit in Barcelona and invites all modern and engaging media companies to come by, learn more, and share ideas on how to build an engaged, growing and active user-base.