Cracking the code of the social newsroom

by Storyful

Friday 19 June from 13.10 until 14.30 in Aula 1

Storyful, the world’s first social media news agency, has been the leading voice in understanding the social web for the past 5 years. Trusted by over 100 of the world’s most influential newsrooms, we have learnt a lot working with partners who are constantly challenging the status quo. 

At Storyful’s Lunch Masterclass (Friday, June 19th) during the GEN Summit, Storyful Founder and Director of Innovation, Mark Little, will outline how his vision has arrived at a new and exciting chapter for Storyful. Storyful’s approaches and standards are being adopted by newsrooms all over the world, all of whom are finding more success in cracking the code of the social web. Join Mark to find out how to increase engagement, build new revenue streams and reduce workflow using social content and smart thinking. And, if you’re searching for insights into cultivating innovation, adapting to new technologies and creating apps with real value, Chief Product Officer, Adam Thomas, will share some Storyful technology secrets that have allowed a small team to redefine newsgathering for the social age.

Presented by: 

Mark Little, Founder & Director of Innovation  

Adam Thomas, Chief Product Officer 

Colm Curneen, Director of Business Development