Introducing the new Google trends

by Google News Lab 

Thursday 18 June - From 13:10 until 14:30 in Aula 1

More than 3 billion searches are performed across Google every day, creating one of the largest datasets about human kind in the world.  When a news story breaks, the world turns to Google to find out what’s going on. Hidden within this data are a multitude of stories about what who we are as a people, and what we’re curious to know more about. In this masterclass session, the Google Trends team will unveil the latest version of the Google Trends product for the first time and provide a detailed overview of the new site, which has been designed specifically with journalists in mind.  The team that designed and built the Trends product will walk you through how to use Google data in your reporting, and then Simon Rogers, Google's first Data Editor, will host a short panel discussion on the future of data journalism with the finalists of the Data Journalism Awards.

Presented by:  

Steve Grove, Director, News Lab at Google 

Simon Rogers, Data Editor, Google 

Danielle Bowers, Trends and Data Manager, Google 

Roni Rabin, Software Engineer, Google Trends 

Lisa Seaman, Product Manager, Google Trends 

And the Data Journalism Awards Finalists