SNTV is the sports news agency - the result of a partnership between The Associated Press and IMG, combining the expertise of the world’s most extensive news gatherer and the biggest producer and distributor of sports programming.

At SNTV, we specialise in providing a unique and unrivalled blend of premium sports action and sports news of substance in video format to broadcasters and digital outlets globally. Our video sports news are produced and curated by an international network of dedicated sports video editorial and production teams.

SNTV has been the world’s leading sports news video agency - solely dedicated to sports news production and distribution - since its inception in 1996. Since then, SNTV has set the standard as the world's leading sports news agency, creating premium sports news and highlights content, all in HD, and delivered through numerous platforms to suit each clients' needs.

SNTV is now an indispensable service for international broadcasters and digital publishers, reaching 775+ TV channels and 600+ digital outlets worldwide, with a potential audience of 4.4 billion people worldwide. SNTV deliver over 16,500 stories per year, or the equivalent of 740 hours of sports news video footage across all sporting categories.