The Editor's Toolkit

05 August 2015


Rikha Sharma Rani is Intelligence Director at the Solutions Journalism Network where she works to identify and distill best practices from across the network's newsroom collaborations. Rikha holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where she studied media and communications and economic development. She has also served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of International Affairs.


This week we proudly launch the newest addition to our growing arsenal of resources for media makers: The Editor’s Toolkit. This guide for editors is a follow-up to our recently released Solutions Journalism Toolkit, which walks through the process of producing solutions journalism from the first step to the last. With The Editor’s Toolkit, we turn our attention from giving journalists the skills they need to produce top-notch solutions journalism to giving editors the tools they need to implement it across the entire newsroom.

Change is hard. So hard, in fact, that 60-70 percent of organisations that attempt it fail. While we’re thrilled to see how many newsrooms are expanding their coverage to include solutions, we know that solutions journalism–like any new practice–can’t be sustained by enthusiasm alone. It takes work to make it part of the modus operandi of a newsroom. We’ve spent months surveying editors and identifying best practices from across our network to understand how editors have successfully infused solutions into their newsrooms’ day-to-day coverage.

Editors Toolkit

It turns out that some simple strategies can greatly increase the odds of success. We’ve compiled them in this toolkit, along with practical advice from editors who have successfully implemented the practice. We present examples, frameworks, and tools that editors can use to think through strategic questions like: Is it the right time to make the transition to more solutions-oriented coverage? What impact can solutions journalism have, and what benefits can it bring to the newsroom? What barriers might emerge from within the newsroom, and how have editors overcome them?

Change is hard. But it's not impossible. We hope this toolkit helps nudge your newsroom in a new, forward-thinking direction.

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