Bolshoy Gorod Wins Editors Lab

Editors Lab Ria Novosti Hackdays in Moscow

13 November 2013

Ameth Sokhna

The magazine Bolshoy Gorod (“Big City” in Russian) won the editors lab hackdays in Moscow with a remarkable Mapping App of Moscow. The two-day event, held at the RIA’s International Multimedia Press Center on November 10-11, gathered representatives of national and regional Russian media organizations to compete under the theme

Big Data: Turning Data into Stories to Drive Regional Readership

Ria Novosti Hackday DP

“GEN has no doubt helped to kick-start mass data journalism in Russia. We were glad to be a facilitator in this process,” said Valery Levchenko, Deputy Editor of RIA Novosti.

The two-day event was organized by the Global Editors Network (Global Editors Network - GEN) and the Group RIA Novosti under the sponsorship of Google. The event brought together teams from Esquire magazine and 'Big City', an online edition Slon, visual communications company 'Mercator', news agencies Tatar-inform, BelTA, RIA Novosti, 'Moscow News' Economic Information Agency RIA Prime and rating.

Comprised of three media professionals: a journalist, a software programmer and a designer, each participating team strived to process open-source data using special software designed to gather relevant information to the public and present it in a comprehensible format. The rationale was to develop new ways for editorial strategies by selecting relevant information from massive amounts of data, and to employ them to create various media services.

Thanks to its winning project, which is an interactive map of Moscow that allows someone to explore what municipal facilities are residents of different social groups, the 'Big City' team will be invited to take part in the International Hackathon GEN Barcelona Summit 2014, to compete against the winners of the twenty national Hackdays being hosted throughout the world since September 2013.

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