We are launching the first MOOC in French on Digital Journalism

26 February 2014

Laure Nouraout

GEN, Rue89 and First Business Mooc are very proud to launch the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in French on Digital Journalism: 'Inform and Communicate on Social Media'.

How does a social media work? What is a community? How to be the best at crowdsourcing? Those are only a few of questions that this free MOOC is going to answer. In four weeks, starting 23 April, you will learn all the tricks of community management on social media – essential skills whether you work in journalism or communication. A fifth week will give you the opportunity to hone your newfound skills on a specific project to earn a certification.

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Sophie Caillat, journalist at French news site Rue89, will be teaching the MOOC. As a writer, she quickly understood how social networks would help her find information, interact with her readers and follow relevant topics. In her newsroom, she started instructing other journalists on managing their online identity and how to use these new tools to their advantage. With this MOOC, Caillat is now sharing that expertise with every person interested in knowing more about social media, even if they never tweeted a thing. Every week, she will host a live session to interact with participants and answer their questions.

Objectives include:

  • Choose the best social networks for a specific editorial strategy
  • Monitor social networks and establish ethical guidelines
  • Identify official accounts and verify information
  • Share editorial content and measure your strategy
  • Administrate a community on social media

GEN and Rue89 are collaborating with First Business Mooc, an online learning platform, on this project. 'Inform and Communicate on Social Media' the first of a series of five Digital Journalism MOOCS.

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Please note that the entire MOOC will be taught in FRENCH.