The 75 Finalists for the Data Journalism Awards 2014

06 May 2014

Laure Nouraout @LaureNouraout

We are proud to announce today the shortlist for the Data Journalism Awards 2014. They represent the forefront of innovation in data journalism around the world.

You can see the list here. Thanks to Google and the Knight Foundation for supporting this event.

After a record number of submissions (520 entries, 200 more than last year!) we revealed the 75 finalists for the Data Journalism Awards 2014. Our CEO Bertrand Pecquerie made the big announcement at the 'Big Data for Media' Conference, organised by the Reuters Insitute in London.

Director of the 2014 DJAs, Mirko Lorenz says ‘It was really hard to make a decision, even projects that have not made it to the very top should be proud about their achievements in using data for reporting and investigation. But we needed to make a cut somewhere and the projects now listed clearly show what is possible when combining investigation, data visualization and outstanding presentation’. 

The shortlist was determined by a pre-jury:

  • Ulrike Langer, media journalist from Germany
  • Dean Citraro, Co-Founder of Periscopic
  • Penleak Chan, Project Manager at Open Development Cambodia
  • Evangeline de Bourgoing, Programme Manager, Global Editors Network
  • Peter Grensund, Journalist, Journalism++ Stockholm
  • Mirko Lorenz, Director of the Data Journalism Awards, Global Editors Network

The winners from our eight categories will be announced at the GEN Summit next month.

After examining these entries, Dino Citraro, one of the pre-jury members and Head of Strategic Design and Operations at Periscopic, shared some insights on the projects: 'Many of the high-quality entries were submitted by organisations that seem to have dedicated significant resources to the efforts: The New York Times, Wired, The Guardian, ProPublica, et cetera. [...] Overall, I noticed many data presentation libraries in use, which was a surprise. I’m not sure that all were used effectively, but it was nice to see people approaching the concept of data presentation through methods that might not be familiar to their audiences'.

For the next month, the Jury (see the list here), with Paul Steiger as President, will examine the shortlist and determine the winners in eight different categories. The final list will be unveiled at the Data Journalism Awards Ceremony at the GEN Summit on 12 June.

Learn more about the Data Journalism Awards 2014.