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My TakeAway, An App from the BBC

04 June 2014


It's the morning, you just had your coffee, heading to work and waiting for the subway. You open your favorite app, and it suggests articles you are likely to be interested in, along with weather and traffic for you city, all ready to be downloaded and read offline. At our last Editors Lab at Reuters, the BBC made a prototype of an app like this, helped by Cxense tools. 

Last week-end, Reuters hosted our second New York Hackdays. Teams from digital outlets competed against each other on the theme: 'Improving Loyalty'. Cxense was the official sponsor of this event, and they give access to their tools, designed to get the best insights of any websites.

The BBC team won those Hackdays, and they will be invited to compete in the Hackdays Final at the GEN Summit 2015. Their app is called Takeaway, and you can see a prototype here.


Here is their own description: 'Takeaway is a mobile-first product aimed at growing engagement among regular and casual users. For regulars, it is a page tailored to the time of day and known interests. For the casual user, suggestions are based on entry point and choices made by similar users. It can be consumed offline or as email. It provides a new, relevant and contextual offer, while meeting our public service obligations.' As they said during their presentation, they have two 'flavors'.

The three members of the Jury, Anthony de Rosa (Circa), Rob Wescott (Cxense) and Evangeline de Bourgoing (GEN) also decided to give special mentions to McClatchy, Montclair and Reuters' teams.

To learn more about the Editors Lab - Reuters Hackdays, see the recap here.

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