Support for Al-Jazeera Journalists and Freedom of the Press in Egypt

25 June 2014

Paris, 25 June

Al-Jazeera journalists, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohammed, were sentenced to 7-10 years of prison on terrorism-related charges on Monday in Cairo, Egypt. The Global Editors Network (GEN) strongly condemns this verdict as an infringement on the principles of media freedom and asks for the release of these journalists.

GEN also wants to emphasize the risk for the Egyptian journalism community as a whole: what happened to our colleagues this week can happen tomorrow to any journalist or editor and halt proper and independent news coverage across the country. GEN President, Ricardo Kirschbaum says, ‘We cannot leave the Egyptian media reduced to silence, self-censorship and intimidation. Our duty is to help them find an ethical and practical solution to what is a direct threat to a healthy Egyptian media environment’.

GEN urges the Egyptian media to define a common approach  to safeguard  freedom of the press and challenge the sentence with media professionals around the world.

The Board Members of the Global Editors Network

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