We are launching a French MOOC on Datajournalism

20 August 2014


We just launched registrations (here) for our MOOC in French 'How to Become a Good Datajournalist', written by Nicolas Kayser-Bril, one of the first French datajournalists. It will start on 6 October.


As data has become one of the most promising fields in journalism nowadays, this MOOC will help journalists make sense of it: how to collect, organise and visualise data, how to run statistics, how to work with designers and developers, etc.

Nicolas Kayser-Bril has helped to introduce datajournalism in prestigious French newsrooms and he is the co-founder of Journalism++, as well as a winner of a Data Journalism Awards 2014. The MOOC is also produced by Rue89 and First Business Mooc.

The MOOC is completely free. A Premium option will give participants access to a pack of 4 tutorials (Google Spreadsheets, Datawrapper, CartoDB and OpenRefine) for 50 euros, if participants would like to go further.

If you want to learn more, see here, and if you are interested, register here!