#HackAgainstEbola: Help African Journalists Tackle the Epidemic

16 October 2014


The Global Editors Network is proud to launch its first crowdfunding campaign #HackAgainstEbola, an impactful event taking place in Accra, capital of Ghana. The campaign will fund the development of online and mobile tools by local journalists to tackle and prevent Ebola from spreading. In collaboration with PenPlusBytes, a Pan-African non-profit organisation, we will be inviting and coaching more than 30 journalists from local media and NGOs to develop new life-saving prototypes to fight the epidemic on the ground.

#HackAgainstEbola - Video

We need your help to raise funds for this exceptional cause. No matter how small your contribution is, you are helping us empower local journalists and communities. 

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1. First objective: to provide the means and expertise for local journalists to develop digital tools based on mobile crowdsourcing. Our goals include:

  • Diffusing prevention measures to all
  • Debunking rumours that can be fatal
  • Locating infected areas and establish security perimeters
  • Connecting the population with health authorities
  • Developing small communities of proactive citizens. 

2. Our second objective: Prototypes will be open source meaning that all news organisations in West Africa who are interested in civic engagement will be able to access the codes for these prototypes and develop them from their own newsrooms. Some takeaways for participants include:

  • A bound-together environment for collaboration in news innovation
  • Access to a network of international experts to help them develop new tools
  • New prototypes to inform populations about Ebola.


3. Third objective: At the end of the event, each team's work will be presented to the online GEN Community and generate contributions from developers, designers and editors from the world-renowned news organisations. Last but not least, the winning team will be invited to present their project in front of 600+ editors-in-chief at the annual GEN Summit to be held in Barcelona, Spain on 10 - 12 June 2015.

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