GEN Summit 2015

Prototyping the Future of News

13 November 2014


The Global Editors Network is pleased to announce the first batch of sessions and speakers for the GEN Summit 2015.

Next year will mark the fifth annual GEN Summit, at the CCCB in Barcelona on 17 - 19 June 2015. Newsrooms today will survive and thrive only by merging content with technology and the GEN Summit is dedicated to helping you do just that. This year we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of emerging newsroom trends such as wearables, bitcoins, and chat apps.  

Over 3 days, the GEN Summit will bring together the most innovative minds in the news industry to challenge the future of media. We are announcing Meredith Artley (Vice President, CNN Digital), Amy Webb (CEO, WebbMedia) and Jennifer Preston (Vice President of Journalism, Knight Foundation) among our first speakers.

The GEN Summit offers practical solutions for immediate implementation in your newsroom: How can you monetise a datajournalism project? What makes content go viral? How can you make hyperlocal work in a global news cycle? These questions and more will be answered and discussed by industry experts. Want more sessions topics? 'Web traffic is 50% Mobile. How Can Your Newsroom Adapt?' or 'When Your Print Product Becomes a By-Product.'

We are also excited to bring back our hit session from 2014, ‘With the Benefit of Hindsight’ during which industry giants share their biggest mistakes and how to avoid them. Through exchanging best practices, media can adapt alongside new technologies while preserving high-quality content.