Give Austrian Nazi Victimes a Face

05 November 2014


Imagine a vizualisation where dots become faces, where coloured points become victims of the Nazism: this is what Traces is, 'an author and user-driven platform to give Austrian nazi victims between 1938 and 1945 a face' –you can see the prototype here in our brand new GEN Community. The prototype was developed at our Editors Lab in Vienna, co-organized by APA and FJUM, with the support of Google. 

Traces Pic

The eight teams had 48 hours to come up with a prototype on the following theme: 'From User Engagement to Civic Engagement', in other words, how can news organizations inspire their online communities to become more civically involved and to engage in designing solutions and taking action ? The teams, composed of one designer, one developer and one journalist, came up with original ideas, and you can see all of them here.

The winning team is from Datum, an Austrian monthly magazine. The three members, Rudolf Titl, Markus Wallish and Stefan Apfl were thrilled to be invited to Barcelona to compete in the Editors Lab Final.


Special mentions were also awarded to Karma Chameleon (from Russmedia) and UrnenRun (from ORF), and the audience picked CrossNewsReader (Hack/Hackers).

After two days of hacking, the teams had to pitch their project in front of an audience at the Pressclub Concordia of Vienna. During the two days, the participants benefited from two masterclasses. The first one was given by Wolfgang Fasching-Kapfenberger from Google, on the Google Tools that journalists can use. Amongst them, Google Public Data, Project Loon or Google Media Tools. The other one was given by Peter Parycek, from the Centre for E-Governance. He presented various projects on open data, such as the open data portal of the city of Hamburg and a very interesting interactive visualisation of the annual federal budget.

Three jury members decided on the winners: Evangeline de Bourgoing, Programme Manager at GEN, Daniela Kraus, from FJUM and Christina Elmer, datajournalist at Der Spiegel. Elmer noticed the level of the teams: 'I was really impressed by how ready-made the projects were, especially the winning project. They are good enough to be published! I also love the possible scaling: I really hope the projects become a reality!'

Our next stop will be in Cairo, at Al-Ahram!

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