Declaración de asociaciones de prensa

09 January 2015

Latin American Press Associations that subscribe to this announcement reject the brutal attack that Charlie Hebdo magazine has suffered today, in Paris, which has caused the death of journalists and other people.

Intolerance escalation against freedom of expression, in which different kind of expression of ideas with humor and satire are being target of aggression, that can be unfortunately found in every continent, is an unacceptable threat to democratic gains that humankind achieved in the 20th Century.

Intolerance and religious hatred, as well as politicians, have turned journalists and media work in a high-risk activity, contradicting the affirmation of individual and collective freedoms that States must guarantee in the 21st Century, for which independent journalism and media is essential.

Culture of violence, gag and death, as a sign of fundamentalist groups, or authoritarian governments, only contribute to the strengthening of various forms of totalitarianism. Humankind must join hands and good will to prevent it. 

  • Asociación de Entidades Periodísticas Argentinas (Adepa), Argentina
  • Associação Nacional de Jornais (ANJ), Brasil
  • Asociación Nacional de la Prensa (ANP), Chile
  • Andiarios, Colombia
  • Asociación Ecuatoriana de Editores de Periódicos (AEDEP), Ecuador
  • Consejo de la Prensa Peruana, Perú