They Were All Charlie

19 January 2015

After the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo on 7 January, several worldwide media organisations have taken a stand, by republishing some of the content of the following issue of the satirical magazine (published Wed. 14 January). By doing so, they are ensuring freedom of press, despite all threats.

In coordination with Charlie Hebdo, the Global Editors Network took this initiative, as it has always stands for democratic values including freedom of expression and refusal of all forms of intimidation. Newspapers from continental Europe and Latin America were the main supporters of this joint initiative.  At GEN we respect and understand the decisions of all media organisations whether or not they decided to republish Charlie Hebdo content. We uphold the right of each newsroom to define their own editorial policy.

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On 14 January and the following days, the copyright agreement included the Charlie Hebdo front page and the central double page. A subscription panel was also included, to support future issues of the magazine. Participating media agreed not to blur or crop any of the cartoons.