Innovation: Tips & Tricks from the Best

19 February 2015


It’s a big world out there for journalists and publishers and the current climate can be daunting to say the least. But the paradigm shifts we are living through offer many and rich opportunities to build new skills and reach new audiences on different platforms. Do you feel like you need a roadmap to cruise the highways and byways of innovation? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent pieces on the topic. Highlights include: Robert Hernandez gives advice on how to respectfully disrupt the media equation, Meredith Artley (CNN) on leadership and creativity, plus what wearable technology means for human evolution from NPR’s Invisibilia. 

Data‘In 2015, there can be no argument that being comfortable with data is an essential skill for journalism’, Simon Rogers - Can Data Journalism be Taught?



Mariana‘Journalists, entrepreneurs, and activists are joining forces to make a difference in a world where corruption, inaccessibility of information, abuse of power, discrimination and bad policies are the topic of the day’. Mariana Santos - It's a Better Time than Ever to Be a Journalist


Invisibilia'Are computers changing human character? Is our closeness with computers changing us as a species?' NPR Invisibilia [podcast] - Our Computer, Ourselves 




Meredith‘There’s a line outside of my office of people who want to talk to me about ideas and cool things they could do’. Meredith Artley - Why CNN Digital's New Editor-in-Chief Wants to Move Past the Gender Question



MondayNote‘Google monetizes its Unique Visitors almost five times better than its arch-rival Facebook, and 46 times better than The New York Times Digital. BuzzFeed generates a tiny $1.30 per unique visitors per year’, Frédéric Filloux - The NYTimes could be worth $19bn instead of $2bn


RobertIt turns out, I have found, that many leaders — the smart leaders — want you to go rogue. They may not know it, but they do. In fact, they need you to go rogue.’ Robert Hernandez - How to Go Rogue Respectfully



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