Who is the Data Journalism Awards pre-jury?

11 March 2015


We are less than one month away from the deadline of submissions for the Data Journalism Awards (DJA) and this is the perfect time to introduce you to our international pre-jury. They will select around 80 projects to be shortlisted, amongst hundreds of submissions. The shortlist will be announced first week of May. Then, our Jury, presided by Paul Steiger, will select the 10 final winners of this year's DJA.   

SimonrogersroundSimon Rogers (@smfrogers), Google Newslab (USA). Rogers became one of the pioneers of data journalism when he founded The Guardian Datablog and made it a reference for all data journalists around the globe. Then he joined Twitter as Data Editor. He is our new DJA Director, and he will bring his expertise to the Awards. 


JohnroundJohn Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch), Data Journalist at the Financial Times (United Kingdom). After working at The Guardian Datablog and Which?, Burn-Murdoch joined the data team at the Financial Times. He produces interactives and datavisualization pieces with an emphasis on sports. He is also a visiting lecturer on data journalism at the City University of London. 


DinoroundDino Citraro (@dinocitraro), Founding Partner of Periscopic (USA). Websites, interactive motion pictures, multi-player online games, immersive dataviz  Citraro has had eighteen years of experience in these areas before founding Periscopic, a data visualization firm with the ambition of doing good with data. 'We help companies and organizations promote information transparency and public awareness', says Citraro. It is the data journalism project he is the most proud of: 'It has taken several people a whole lot of energy to make it happen'.  

You have until 10 April to submit your projet

EvangelineroundEvangeline de Bourgoing (@edebourgoing), GEN Programme Manager (France). She examined hundreds of data journalism projects during her post as a jury member on the Editors Lab competition, GEN’s worldwide series of hackathons, as well as for the previous DJA 2014 pre-jury. 'I appreciate projects that do not overlook the data’s limitations and bias, keep the data journalism process transparent and give access to the data used to build the project,' De Bourgoing comments. 


PeterroundPeter Grensund (@grensund), Co-founder of Journalism++ (Sweden). Grensund worked at Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper, before diving into data journalism with the network Journalism++. 'I quit my job as a researcher at a daily newspaper and hopped on the Stockholm branch of Journalism++ with data viz Jens Finnäs. The reasons were unclear but two and a half years down the road, the decision has brought me new skills, new thoughts on how to produce and present journalism, new contacts, new energy. That would not have happened inside a downsizing media organization,' Grensund says. He won a Data Journalism Awards last year with The Migrant Files, a european data journalism project about the current EU migrant policy. 


PinkieroundChan Penhleak (@penhleakchan), Open Development Cambodia Managing Editor (Cambodia). 'Pinkie' works with Open Development Cambodia, a platform which independently aggregates open data and creates information resources to inform the public and promote fact-based open dialogue on development. 'At ODC, we divorce advocacy from data and present information products in an objective manner. Perhaps it is easier to think of ODC as a intersection between open data and data journalism; however, it is not a data journalism organization. I am personally interested in data journalism because I find data visualization and data-driven storytelling very useful for my work,' Pinkie explains. Her knowledge of data journalism extends to training: 'Early last year, I worked with a data journalism team to provide the first ever data journalism training in Cambodia. I was very happy to have worked with local journalists and media officers — who had no prior knowledge of data journalism — to produce their first data stories after seven days of basic training'.

You have until 10 April to submit your projet

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