17 reasons to come to the GEN Summit 2015 in Barcelona

21 May 2015


17 reasons to come to the GEN Summit 2015 in Barcelona

This year's GEN Summit in Barcelona is set to be GEN's best yet. Fantastic speakers, fabulous venues and an incredible exhibition promise to make this a conference to remember. Take a look at these 17 reasons why you should have your share in the action...

1. Network with editors-in-chief and cutting-edge media specialists. 

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2. In just three days, get a complete and fresh perspective on media innovation.

3. Walk away with practical solutions on how to revolutionize your newsroom.

4. Following the announcement of Google's Digital News Initiative, chat with Google Vice President David Drummond about what Google can still bring to the future of news.

5. Wearables 101: find out what these new technologies could mean for consumer habits and editorial strategies.

6. “Serial” is the podcast that’s everyone’s talking about: talk to the producer about this new investigative reporting platform.

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7. Eastern Insights: Speak with experts on innovation in the Chinese media market.

8. Experimenting with automated reporting? Get in on robot journalism before it’s too late.

9. Hyperlocal news is making a comeback: discover fresh business models.

10. VR Demo: experience the acclaimed “Project Syria” (and others!) in action - a debut in Europe.

11. Innovation in Action: GEN Final Hackathon - the best global teams building and pitching prototypes on-site. Innovation doesn’t get any fresher than this!

12. We've selected the most innovative startups delivering services to newsrooms. Meet them at the GEN Summit!

13. Share in the excitement as data journalists learn who will win €1,500 - ten prizes up for grabs!

14. Stroll through the indoor rainforest at CosmoCaixa for the Data Journalism Awards Ceremony 2015.

15. Taste the finest food and sip the various beverage specialities from Catalonia and Spain.


16. The GEN Summit is the perfect way to see Barcelona. Experience Barcelona in style at our three evening social events - Hospital de Sant Pau, Cosmocaixa and Fàbrica Moritz. 

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17. Need we say more? The GEN Summit only happens once a year - you don’t want to miss it!


Photo credits: Serial, by Casey Fiesler — CosmoCaixa, by Turol Junes — Tapas, by José Porras