Exclusive COP21-CPN Briefings

01 October 2015


Is your newsroom looking ahead to issues around the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change this December? If so, GEN is pleased to invite you to a series of bi-monthly COP21-CPN briefings taking place online via a hangout session. The goal is to update environment journalists on the latest negotiations before the Paris conference (30 November – 11 December 2015).


Climate Publishers Network is a syndication created by 33 media organisations from around the world in order to collaborate on their coverage of climate change. The first CPN media briefing begins tomorrow (2 Oct) at 12:30 GMT (13:30 in London, 14:30 in Berlin, 08:30 in NYC and 20:30 in Hong Kong). The format of the Google-supported, bi-monthly media briefings includes a 20 minute presentation by a guest speaker followed by a 40 minute Q&A session. All the hangout briefings will be in English. Access to the hangout is direct; no registration is required.

Laurence Tubiana

Laurence Tubiana, French Ambassador for Climate Change and Special Representative for COP21, will be the guest speaker at the first briefing session, which will be moderated by Simon Roger, Head of the Environment Section at Le Monde.

For more information on Laurence Tubiana see here.