First COP21-CPN Briefing: Laurence Tubiana

02 October 2015


The first of a series of livestreamed COP21-CPN briefings took place in Paris today with special guest Laurence Tubiana, French Ambassador for Climate Change and Special Representative for COP21, answering journalists questions on climate change. 

Harry McGee, Senior Political Correspondent specialising in environment and climate change for the Irish Times; Fu Jing, Deputy Chief of China Daily European Union Bureau and Marina Aizen, Environment Journalist for Clarín put their questions to Laurence Tubiana via video link during the press briefing that was supported by Google. 

Replay The 1st Briefing

Joachim Müller-Jung, Science Editor at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent at The Guardian also asked questions via the hangout’s live chat forum. The first briefing session was moderated by Simon Roger, Head of the Environment Section at Le Monde.

First COP21-CPN Media Briefing Laurence Tubiana 

Highlights from Laurence Tubiana’s COP21-CPN briefing:

On The Small Islands And The Two Degrees Limit: “We are still struggling to have a reasonable chance to limit the temperature to two degrees centigrade at the end of the century. What I think the small islands are asking for is to try or at least make an effort to open the window for 1.5 degrees limit. And I think it is possible.

On Progress Since Copenhagen: “There has been a change in the geopolitics and the transparency of the system. Everybody now insists on the transparency of the system. Countries were not prepared at Copenhagen: China was not prepared, India not at all and Brazil considered it a matter of foreign policy to say ‘no’. Now, everybody is prepared.”

On A Legally Binding Climate Change Agreement: “I think we are close to having a legally binding agreement. We have to have clear rules on what the countries should do, how we verify that countries have done what they said they would do, how everyone will fulfil this obligation and how many times we meet. Then there is a debate about whether the numbers need to be in the legally binding agreement or not.”


The goal of the COP21-CPN briefings is to update environment journalists on the latest negotiations before the Paris conference (30 November – 11 December 2015).

Climate Publishers Network is a syndication created by 33 media organisations from around the world in order to collaborate on their coverage of climate change. The format of the Google-supported media briefings includes a 20 minute presentation by a guest speaker followed by a 40 minute Q&A session. All the hangout briefings will be in English. Access to the hangout is direct; no registration is required.

The COP21-CPN briefings are supported by Google