Platforms are eating journalism, now what?

A conversation with Emily Bell

29 April 2016

Caterina Visco

It's an animated afternoon in the beautiful Perugia, Italy. We are at the end of the International Journalism Festival 2016, and the Hotel Brufani - main venue of the festival - is a noisy anthill full of journalists and students buzzing and running around. Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia School of Journalism, has been one of the busiest speakers of the festival, with nothing less than four sessions. She's still found the energy to have a chat with me though. 

Emily will be one of the speakers at the upcoming GEN Summit in Vienna, which is set to tackle "The Rise of Platform-Driven News". This theme is also the focus of the following conversation, following her recent article "Facebook is eating the world" which sparked discussions all across the web. 

She explains how the rise of platforms cannot be stopped, and how they have to accept the responsibilities that come with their new role. She also argues that publishers need two strategies: one to reach their audience where it is, and one to make money.  

Emily Bell will speak at the sixth annual GEN Summit in Vienna, Austria next 17 June, how Third Party Platforms are Swallowing Journalism. Book your tickets here.

Cover Photo Credits: PROmkhmarketing/Flickr