28 September 2016

Comments section: Why many media still believe in it

Last week, we published a story on news websites that closed their comments sections but what about those that chose to keep it?

Since its very beginning, the Coral Project, the initiative led by the Mozilla Foundation, The Washington Post and The New York Times, and funded by the Knight Foundation, has attracted a lot of attention. The open-source project aims to find new ways to engage both readers and journalists on news websites. Unsurprisingly, media organisations and journalists have been following the project closely.

Most news websites, even those that have closed their comments sections, still believe engagement is the key to creating deeper connections with their audiences. That’s also what Greg Barber, head of strategy and partnerships at the Coral Project, thinks:
Engagement if you use that term really broadly can lead to traffic. The folks who dig really into analytics can see that true engagement—really actually connecting with users, interacting with them — is a real mean and a scientifically proven mean to find loyal users and install loyalty in them.

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