28 September 2016

Nicolas Magand

Social media during terrorist attacks: How useful is it for journalists?

The role that social media plays in the process of gathering, and sharing the news of a terrorist attack, is bigger than it looks. How useful is social media for journalists covering terrorism?

On Tuesday 19 September, L’Obervatoire de la déontologie de l’information (ODI) organised a roundtable on the topic of social media coverage of the 14 July attacks in Nice, France. Media representatives, from local newspapers to international media, recounted their experiences during the terrorist attacks and the day after.

Denis Carreaux, editorial director of Nice-Matin, a local newspaper, kicked things off, giving some insights on how to work unprepared in such a situation.
We were not prepared for the Nice attacks. In 15 days, we had 150 pages produced on this, without counting the web content. This was unprecedented,” Carreaux said.

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