28 September 2016

This transcription tool could be a game changer for newsrooms

Trint won GEN’s Startups for News competition at the GEN Summit in Vienna in June 2016. This September, Trint officially launched. CEO & Co-Founder Jeff Kofman, Emmy-winning war correspondent and foreign correspondent who spent more than 30 years reporting for ABC News, CBS News and CBC News, answered a few questions for us…

GEN: Can you tell us a little about your launch? Are you excited?

Jeff: Excited? Trint began almost two years ago as a crazy idea that had the potential to transform the daily lives of journalists. It was incredibly ambitious to think that a little team (we are now eleven but originally we were three brilliant developers and me) could find a way to automate the transcription process. But we’ve done it! I am amazed and really proud.

The launch? When we opened for free testing last February so many people came at us so fast that we went viral. We weren’t ready, we had to close the site down and control access while scrambling to finish the build. Now we are ready. I think we are on our way to becoming a cult. We constantly hear users call Trint ‘magic’.

Read the interview here

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