03 October 2016

Bertrand Pecquerie

Can print be more agile than digital?

Launched right after the Brexit vote in the UK, The New European is a pop-up newspaper aimed at the audience who voted “no”. How did the team manage to launch, in 2016, a print news outlet in a mostly digital-first publishing world? Matt Kelly, founder of the newspaper (and newly appointed GEN Board member) answered some questions for us.

Bertrand Pecquerie: You started The New European (TNE) two weeks after the Brexit referendum. Do you know when the last issue will be released?

Matt Kelly: No! That’s a nice part of this story. We planned on just four issues, but the response has been so positive that we are currently carrying on, on a rolling four-week basis. This week we produced issue 13, so that means there will be at least 17 issues, and I suspect probably a lot more than that. Every issue has been profitable, which is a remarkable fact largely due to the different model we employed — a very quick, very small marketing budget and total freedom to give [the paper] our best shot in the knowledge that if it fails then the business exposure will be very limited. But thus far, it hasn’t failed and in fact it is growing in popularity every week.

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