20 October 2016

Search: “The old Google-like list of results is definitely not the future”

In the lead up to the Süddeutsche Zeitung Editors Lab in Munich, which will focus on investigative journalism, I had a talk with Sébastien Heymann, founder and CEO of Linkurious, a tool designed to help the user search and visualise data.

Bertrand: You participated at which stage of the Panama Papers inquiry? What was the role of the data visualisation software you provided to ICIJ?

Sébastien: We have been in touch with the ICIJ since the Swiss Leaks investigation in 2015. When the Panama Papers investigation started, the ICIJ reached out and asked to access our Linkurious Enterprise software. The 370 journalists ICIJ gathered for the investigations were able to use Linkurious to search the Panama Papers.

Linkurious Enterprise helped identify high profile individuals and the accounts, companies and middle-men they were linked to.

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