17 November 2016

Publishing news on messaging apps is now critical, here’s why

The exclusive report “Why Chat Matters as a News Medium” presented by Empirical Media last June at the GEN Summit in Vienna was downloaded over 2,000 times, a testimonial of how relevant the topic is to media organisations around the world.

The focus on messaging apps is on an upswing: the top four chat apps combine a reported 3 billion monthly active users, surpassing those of the most popular social networks.

We talked to Philippe Hertzberg from Empirical Media on the matter.

GEN: Your report provides great takeaways and key recommendations about Chat Apps in general, but with more and more platforms to choose from, can you offer specific insights into the messaging apps you have studied?

Our report provides practical case studies from 12 news organisations across four chat platforms: WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat and Telegram. Thanks to these case studies, we are able to highlight what makes each platform stand out and unique:

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