08 December 2016

Marianne Bouchart

Pushing data journalism forward — the DJA 2017 roadmap

Submissions for the Data Journalism Awards 2017 are now open. This year’s competition will be about engagement, collaborations, more cash (and a trophy) as well as some rule-changing… In this article, we have a quick chat with Simon Rogers of Google News Lab, who is also director of the awards, to see what are his expectations. Plus we talk Slack, newsletter and shiny websites…

The Global Editors Network launched last week the DJA 2017 competition, the first international awards celebrating data journalism worldwide. If you’re part of a team that made some pretty good data-driven projects in the past year and you think you might as well get kudos for them, you have until 7 April 2017 to apply.

There’s more cash

The money prizes this year add up to over $18,000 (US), almost double the amount of last year’s. To be more precise, every winner will get a DJA trophy and a $1,801 check. Why $1,801, I hear you ask… Well, 1801 is the year when pie charts were allegedly invented by William Playfair, and we know how pie charts can spark discussions among data journalists… Also, we simply wanted a fun fact to joke about. Feeling like knowing more about pie charts through history? Check out this link.

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