15 December 2016

Émilie Kodjo

Publishing staple and digital paradox: The rise of editorial email newsletters

We recently had the opportunity to ask a few questions to Andrew Jack, Head of curated content at the Financial Times and author of the Reuters Institute Report “Editorial Email Newsletters, The Medium is Not the Only Message”, about the state of editorial email newsletters: their reach, their pertinence and the challenges they present to the growing number of editors using them as their medium of choice.

GEN: Your report “Editorial Email Newsletters, The Medium Is Not the Only Message” offers a thorough look into editorial email newsletters. What aspects would you put forward?

Andrew Jack: I see significant recent investment by ever more legacy and digital media organisations alike in creating email newsletters. That reflects a desire to maintain or restore a direct relationship with readers at a time when “distributed content” via social media risks weakening the personal connection to individual outlets. That is particularly important as concern rises over sustainable business models for the media, and positioning in the debate about “fake news” and the value of high quality journalism from reliable sources. It also raises broader questions about discovery to help readers through the spiralling “information overload”.