19 January 2017

Clothilde Goujard

Mobile is driving the transformation of visual journalism

Social media ushered in a new era in visual journalism. Audiences were increasingly turning to new platforms to find news so formats had to be adapted. But a new force is also driving the transformation of visuals: mobile. Amanda Farnsworth, Visual Editor for BBC News, answered a few questions about the new standards set for visual journalism. Amanda will be speaking on the subject at the GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna, 21–23 June.

In 2016, Pew Research Center studied 110 news outlets, and for 99 of them, unique visitors on mobile devices had outpaced unique visitors on desktops to their websites.

The rise of videos without sound but with captions highlights changing audience behaviors. People now watch quick videos during their daily commute and sound has become an annoyance. And news media are responding to these new needs. In an analysis of 303 online videos, the Reuters Institute found that 71% of them had a text overlay.