02 March 2017

Marianne Bouchart

Three women’s journey to news innovation and data journalism in Asia and the Middle East

Stephanie Sy of Thinking Machines (Philippines), Yolanda Ma of Data Journalism China and Esra Dogramaci of Deutsche Welle, formerly Al Jazeera (Germany), new members of the Data Journalism Awards jury, talk innovation, data journalism in Asia and the Middle East, and women in news.

We are welcoming three new members to the Data Journalism Awards jury this year (pictured above). They are all women, strong-willed and inspiring women, and they represent two regions that are often overlooked in the world of data journalism: Asia and the Middle East.

As the 7 April deadline for the DJA 2017 competition is drawing near, we set-up this three-way interview where they tell us about their journey in the world of journalism, how data journalism is doing in Asia and the Middle East, and what it’s like to be a woman in the news industry today…

What was your first project in data journalism or interactive news and what memory do you keep from it? 
Esra Dogramaci: In 2012, Invisible Children launched a campaign to seek out Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) leader Joseph Kony and highlight the exploitation of child soldiers. Then, at Al Jazeera, we wanted to see what people in North Uganda, who lived in one of the areas who were affected by the LRA actually had to say about it. They would ‘speak to tweet’ and we would map their reactions on Ushahidi using a Google Fusion table in the background.