06 April 2017

Peter Bale

“Stop having a nervous breakdown about Trump” Michael Wolff tells the media

Author, columnist and hard-bitten New York reporter Michael Wolff will speak at the GEN summit in Vienna in June. As a preview, here’s a short Q&A with him and Peter Bale, President of the Global Editors Network, exploring the perspective on the news industry from a pro-Trump journalist’s discriminating gaze.

Michael Wolff is a born reporter, driven to dig deep and to find out what makes his subjects tick and to disclose it. He loves gossip and unlike many modern reporters publishes what he hears, often with relish and a studied distance from his subjects, many times irritating the rich and famous.

He stands apart from the media circus, often bringing him into conflict with more staid (he would say self-righteous) members of the U.S. media establishment. Nowhere has this studied independence been more apparent than in his criticism of the U.S. media’s frenzy on the candidacy and ultimately the presidency of Donald Trump.