27 April 2017

Émilie Kodjo

How automation and AI can benefit journalists

How can publications boost their content with AI and automated tools?

Artificial intelligence and automation have recently crossed over into mainstream territory, carving an ever-growing space for themselves into newsrooms, allowing journalists to produce articles with highly shareable content and, putting the newsroom and its content at the forefront of social media platforms, in the quest for answers to the questions: How to bridge the gap between the print audience, the website audience and the highly-coveted eyes of Gen-Z and millennials on social media? We talked to Zohar Dayan, co-founder of Wibbitz to try and understand how AI and automation are helping publishers.

GEN: How have AI and automation evolved in newsrooms recently?

Wibbitz: We’ve seen in the US that in the past year or so there was a strong shift in the industry, a much more openness to more innovative technologies in the newsroom, especially with AI, it is something that was a taboo before with news companies that were naturally very traditional. Especially editors were very hesitant when it comes to artificial intelligence creating content. We have been seeing a huge shift, an evolution in the market with much more acceptance towards AI as a recommendation tool, AI that writes articles from data, infographics generated automatically using data feeds, and in our case, automatically produced video content.

All of this is a testament to business models, newsrooms and media companies’ that strive to be more efficient from a business point of view, and also in order to keep up with the high user demand for content and the diversified platforms that newsrooms are catering for.