20 April 2017

Émilie Kodjo

How to debunk fake news and boost newsroom collaboration in one go?

With the first round of the French presidential election just a few days away, the collaborative platform CrossCheck, an initiative initially between First Draft News, Les Echos, France 24 The Observers and Les Décodeurs from Le Monde, is making sure that the democratic process is not tampered with by questionable news sources. This issue has reared its head yet again, and is a main concern for many news and media organisations. So, how to combine these two ongoing battles? We asked Jenni Sargent, Managing Director of First Draft News and Sam Dubberley from Eyewitness Media Hub for their take on it. 

As publications are trying to unite to increase the trust in the media which is on a serious low, and as everyone seemingly brushes up on the ins and outs of fact-checking, one platform has successfully been uniting the two: CrossCheck. CrossCheck is a collaborative journalism project with the aim to bring together newsrooms across France and beyond to accurately report false, misleading and confusing claims circulating online. This project started with the French presidential election as the main focus and investigates stories, comments, images and videos about candidates, political parties and all other election related issues.

The platform and the very popular topics it is attempting to address, has been a polarising subject and has enjoyed quite a substantial coverage in the media since its launch in February.

Nieman Lab reported a few weeks ago that Google and Facebook alike joined the ranks of CrossCheck’s partners to further their effort in getting the fake news problem in the media under control.