11 May 2017

Émilie Kodjo

Audio and video: What if you never have to transcribe again?

Artificial intelligence powered speech-to-text tool Trint is having a moment. Since winning the Startups for News competition at the GEN Summit in Vienna in 2016, Trint has very rapidly become ubiquitous, with a cult following of journalists and users praising the tool as a game-changer. 

We talked to co-founder and CEO Jeff Kofman about his successful startup, and got to discuss what participants can expect from Trint at the GEN Summit in Vienna 21–23 June, where he will be a master of ceremony and where an exclusive new functionality will be unveiled.

GEN: Trint won the Startups for News competition in June 2016 at the GEN Summit, after competing against 100 startups pitching their tool What has happened for Trint since the launch in autumn 2016?

Jeff Kofman: We spent 21 months developing Trint. We started in December 2014 as a team of four. We went through three complete revisions of the product based on prototype, testing, user feedback.

We were trying to get it to work on a simple intuitive level, that would make it very easy, so users wouldn’t need to go to the Help section: they would just be able to start the moment they arrived on our page. That was our goal. We felt we got there by the summer of 2016, a few weeks after winning Startups for News in Vienna, when we were in a closed, paid beta version through the summer, testing our payment systems and testing the product. We launched the product on 5 September 2016 and we have seen phenomenal growth since.

We have seen double digit growth in revenue and usage every month. We now have literally thousands of people using the tool every month, we are seeing it grow before our eyes. We are getting more positive media coverage and social media feedback too.