04 May 2017

Émilie Kodjo

When media cooperation works, society thrives. Here’s how

The collaboration between three major European media sources led to the creation of a multi-language platform, InfoMigrants, compiling objective and practical information for the refugees and migrants hoping to flee to Europe, supported by a strong social media presence, and funded by the European Union.

France Médias Monde (France 24, Radio France Internationale, Monte Carlo Doualiya), Deutsche Welle and ANSA decided to join their efforts to get an exhaustive approach about migrants and refugees, resulting in the launch of the refugees and migrants information platform, InfoMigrants. Sylvain Attal, Chief Editor for France 24, an entity of France Médias Monde is participating on a panel at the GEN Summit in Vienna, 21–23 June, to discuss the concerted efforts behind the project and, how cooperation in the media is instrumental as a fail-safe practice for journalists to support populations at risk.

Misinformation and the migrant crisis

The influx of migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Sub-Saharan Africa in Europe in the past couple of years set off a crisis as countries have been struggling to cope, thus creating a wedge in the European Union over how best to deal with resettling people. Some countries have been very vocal about their refusal to welcome refugees and migrants and, although the tide of deaths in the Mediterranean has slightly abated over the past few months, the populations setting off to find a haven on European soil are still misinformed as to what they can expect of asylum processes.